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Men who is lazy to fall in love, is easy to fall in hate -- iwas (Jan. 3rd 2012)

I am not as good as my admirer story, but I am not as bad as my enemy story -- iwas (Jul. 30 2012)

If you try to be normal, you'll end up crazy! -- iwas

Love is never about liking or adoring, its an endless effort of understanding --iwas

The real lawyer is the lawyer of the world --iwas

People won't appreciate freedom until it's taken away


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2. And the Spring Comes!
3. Wedding? Here is how we do it in Bali! (Part 1)
4. Bali as we see it! (Part 2)


1. S'il n'y avait pas...
2. A Road to Destiny
3. Awal Menuju Bintang
4. Pemulung sampah, green constitution dan Kyoto protocol
5. Untung diingatkan kawan! Let’s get lost!
6. You speak French in Indonesia, right?
7. The Power of Gardening
8. The Minutiae in Demystifying My Career Path
9. Film Review : L’Auberge Espagnole
10. Antara Parfum, Asap Rokok dan Bau Kaki
Malangnya Alam Baliku
12. Kesalahan Intelek Para Kaum Intelektual
13. Ancaman atau tantangan



  1. nice article.
    and i think you have good grammer too

    nice kang infonya, makasih

  2. I am inspired by your article ans impressed by such a wonderful writing style. Thanks a lot for being with us now and then! Keep it up!

  3. In my opinion, it is impossible to be inspired constantly. You must be motivated by yourself. Without any inspiring quotes. What do you think of that?