Music Tutorial - Belajar Main Gitar, Drum, Keboard dan Sound Recording Gratis!

In this page you can find tutorial on playing Drum, Guitar, music softwares and other instruments as well as music RIFFs created by KakangWeb.

Let me know if you have any questions, enjoy!


Bagi kalian yg pengen belajar home recording, beberapa tutorial dasar dibawah bisa menjadi langkah awal:

1. Belajar Home Recording Part 1. Apa itu Home Recording?
2. Belajar Home Recording Part 2. Mengenal tipe/jenis system recording.
3. Belajar Home Recording Part 3. Mengenal lebih jauh Computer-based DAW system.
4. Belajar Home Recording Part 4. Memilih computer untuk home recording.
5. Belajar Home Recording Part 5. Tips Memilih Audio Interface Untuk Rekaman


1. KakangWeb.net -- The Ninja Anthem
2. KakangWeb.net -- The night Mist 
3. KakangWeb.net ( The White Mist)
4. KakangWeb.net (the Afternoon Move)
5. KakangWeb.net (The Night Spirit)
6. (The Morning Bright)





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