EF Academic Scholarship


Deadline: 30 April, 2015

Kamu guru? atau punya kakak, ibu, adek, bapak yang jadi guru? Ini neh kesempatan yang ditunggu-tunggu untuk mengikuti pelatihan keguruan gratis di Amerika Serikat yang diselenggarakan oleh EF! Apply ya!

Project requirements

Your project submission must be related to the theme of “Educational Travel”. Topics can include past trips, volunteer activities, partnerships with foreign classes, etc. It can be presented in any style you think best portrays your topic. This can be a video, internet page, blog or any other creative method. Contact us for any advice! Your project must be in the language you teach (either English, Spanish, French or German). If you teach any other language, please contact us.
Be creative in the way you interpret the topic! Let your teaching skills shine through the presentation by proving that creative thinking and innovation is not something foreign to you.

Untuk info lebih lanjut dan daftar, klik disini ya! http://www.ef.co.id/tz/training-and-development/grants-and-scholarships/ef-scholarships/

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