EU’s Young Generations

I met a German diplomat the other day. From our petite discussion, he denied that the economic crisis in EU is the biggest problem for the union. I believe, however, that the economic crisis is one of the most prominent problems for all members of the union. There are several reasons that support this argument.

First, it was the economy (money) that mainly made European countries joined the EU at the first place. Second, it is the EU’s economy growths that mainly make the union still exist today and make it still looks attractive for its future member. Hence, from these arguments, by definition we can say that if there is something wrong with EU’s economy it most likely will makes its member to start rethinking their membership. 

The other problem that I believe is really important in EU today is the problem regarding their young generation’s understanding of the union’s existence. As stated by the diplomat, it is self-evident to the young people in EU that the union is perceived as a “one big nation”, not as 27 separated nations. That being said, I believe it is the time for the EU to think on what they want as their future.

Whether it is a “one big nations”, as perceived by their young generations today, or go back as 27 sovereign nations. Both have consequences. This needs to be solved as soon as possible.  In my humble opinion, Brussels needs to find a way to make the union more solid. This can be done by wooing UK to stay in the union as well as help its current members, Greek and Spain for instances, from bankruptcy.

As a person that believes that EU is not only bringing advantages for its member but also for the whole world. I suggest that in order to have a bright future, the EU needs to educate their young generations in a way to make them aware about the importance of the union and to tell them what it took to make the EU come into life. Because, I believe it is the young generation that will determined EU’s future.



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