Shuttle Diplomacy in Palestine-Israel Conflicts (Part 1)

As Israel amassed tens of thousands of their soldiers on the Gaza border, efforts to agree on cease-fire are intensified by both parties and their proxies. The week-old conflict in Gaza strip has gave way to fear and horror.  The ambulances kept wailing, they rushed in and then sped back out the Shifa Hospital Plaza, nearby Gaza city. They brought victims to the hospital, some of them decapitated.  Everyone in the hospital grimaced as militants fired a rocket into Israel’s territories.

Pic. Src.: http://www.jpost.com/HttpHandlers/ShowImage.ashx?ID=207912

A barrage of at least 200 rockets was fired by militants into Israel, bringing the number of fatalities in Israel from the week of rockets mayhem to five. It was unclear whether the afternoon bombing was in retaliation for the Jerusalem strike, the second in five days. 

As the conflict continues on the ground, leaders are expected to achieve a pause, a cease-fire. In the fractious relationship, however, between the two parties as well as with their own proxies; this effort seemed to find little leverage to intercede the conflicts. 

The dysfunctional relations between, for example, President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu make the rapprochement of the conflict even harder. On the last American’s election, Mr. Netanyahu made no secret in supporting Mitt Romney. After the election, however, it seemed that Mr. Netanyahu backed the wrong horse. Arguably, he could have helped Mr. Obama re-election campaign, since Mr. Obama tried his best to woo Americans Jewish voters. However, he has not done so.

With Israel’s election looming on January, Mr. Obama could return the favor by not shore up or at least restraints his support on the Israel’s incursion to the Gaza strip. However, so far, Mr. Obama has been steadfast in his public support for Israel’s right to defend itself from rockets attack from Gaza. With this support, Mr. Obama may have buttressed his own standing with the Israeli public, and gains leverage over Mr. Netanyahu. 

Mr. Netanyahu would not be able to position himself as saying no to the president of the United States, especially in terms of achieving cease-fire to the conflicts.


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