The Power of Gardening

 First thing that came to mind when I heard, for the first time, the opportunity to do a community service at Jackson Elementary School’s Community Garden was the name of the fruits and harvesting with many kids.
@Jackson Elementary School, SLC, Utah, USA.

To be very honest, I know quite much about gardening since I was raised in a family with strong gardening skills. Both of my parents are farmer, so I thought that the gardening activity in U.S. would bring back memories. Hence, at that very second I decided to seize the chance.

At the first day, I went to the School with my friends. They first gave us a short tour around the garden, and then they explained about what we could do to help them. Earlier this month we had a party for the children and parents at the school’s garden. They were a lot of kids at that time. We kept the kids busy with many games, such as face painting and mini golf, as their parents enjoy the foods.

It really was an interesting experience, since later I realized that the concept of community garden is not only about helping the community with fruits and vegetables but also fostering the community.

As a law student, I realized that the concept of social services in a community gardening program is really effective in uniting a diverse community. This, I believe, will help people to socialize and meet each other. Moreover, in a nation of immigrants like the U.S., this will help people to understand other’s culture in order to make a better and a stronger community.

At the end of the day, I hope that I will be able to implement the same concept in Indonesia in a sense that it would bring more harmony to the people.