Save America !!!*

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Ladies and gentleman, my sisters and brothers American.

Good morning, first of all let me tell you how grateful I am to have all of you gathering here this morning.  How is your life treating you today? I hope everyone still have a good time, despite the fact that our economy is going down and our government have no idea what to do about it.

My sisters and brothers American,

Today I don’t want to talk about politics or elections. I don’t want to talk about Democrat or Republic. I just want to share my humble thoughts about the future of our children and the future of Americans. In the past, our former President, Ronald Reagan, told us that government is not the solution to the problem, instead government is the problem itself. But today, our President gallantly tells us that government is the solution to every problem.

At the first time, perhaps you will feel comfortable to hear the last statement, since your lovely government will solves every single problem you have. But look around, does the government solve your problem? Are your children has a good education without worrying about school fee? Do your parents have a good health insurance? To the most of Americans the answer is a big NO.

My sisters and brothers American,

I am not telling you to blindly blame the government or to do another civil revolution. But we will not just sit down and watch the collapse of America, the collapse of the world. I believe we still have enough time to make things right. We will do, once again, whatever it takes to save our nation, to save the future of our young buddy, to save America.

The key to save America is to understand what she need. You need to understand what the people of America need before you can save her. That is the biggest problem of our government today; they do not understand us, the people of America. The proverb told us that to speak is easy, to act is hard, to understand is hardest, once one understand, action is easy.

My sisters and brothers American,

What I am trying to do today is to understand you, to believe in you. I will never be able to understand you if you do not understand me.  I will never be able to solve American problems alone; I need your help to believe in me. We will rebuild the economy, we will rebuild the freedom.

Let me, once again, quote our former President, Ronald Reagan, that “above all, we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.” Let’s unite once again to save what our father gives us. Let’s save America.

Last but not least, let me end what we have shared today by telling you that you have my word to rebuild the world. To rebuild your world, to rebuild our world, the American dreams. Save America!

*This speech is just for educational purpose and self-contemplation.



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