How We Think on Things?

According to Wikipedia.org, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people. In my opinion, mindset is simply “how we think on things”. While some experts may list the top ten of mindsets, I believe there are unlimited kinds of mindsets in the real world.

To be very honest, “thinking” is one of my hobbies. As I continue to like it, I discovered that there are some mindsets that I mostly use. Creative and positive mindsets are two mindsets that I mostly use in dealing with real life matters. Unfortunately, to have a creative and a positive mindset does not necessarily means that you are a creative and positive person, because the mindsets need to be implemented at the first place before becoming what we are called “character” of the person. 

As any other things in our life, “thinking” might bring negative and positive results. As far as I learned, too creative thinking might be end up in imagination. Einstein has a good saying about imagination, he said that “logic can take you from A to B, Imagination can take you anywhere”. But I believe that the saying is not complete yet, because if you do it carelessly imagination can take you nowhere.

 While I write this essay, my mind is full of “thinking”, full of mindsets. I try to understand how my brain works. As time goes by, I suddenly realize that maybe I develop a new kind of mindset, a reflective mindset. Reflective mindset is one of the most difficult parts of thinking. Because you will analyze yourself, analyze why you are you. 

Having that in mind, in the next twenty-four hours, I would like to be more grateful in my life. Because I believe that being grateful is the most effective way to develop the reflective mindset. More importantly being grateful hones your “ways of thinking” holistically.


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