You speak French in Indonesia, right?

Once upon a time in my French class. 

Bonjour, French is one of my favorite languages. I have desire to master this language long time ago, but as you know most of the time my desire is ousted by my laziness. Hahaha, I think it’s worth mentioning the reasons behind my desire in learning French. First, French is well-known as a romantic language –although I am not a super romantic person, but yeah -. Second, it is an international language, even recognized by the United Nations as one of their official language. Moreover, there are more than 175 million people who speak French now days. And the last reason is I have a desire to visit some of the Francophone countries. 

To able to speak French, there is only one way to achieve it. Learn it. That’s it, just as simple as that. So I buy some simple French grammar and conversation books, hope it will helps me in developing my French skills. As time goes by I managed to speak French, although just with a super duper simple vocabs. But there is one thing missing, I am not be able to practice what I’ve learned, the only partner I have so far is my own head, which is not so interesting. So I decided to put aside my French books. 

While my study in US, my desire to learn French revived. And I do believe this time I will have partner to talk with in French. So, I made up my mind to take a French class this semester, after consulting with my academic and international student advisor, voila, I enrolled.

I should say that my French class is one of my favorites class. This is because sometime I realize speak and learn French come naturally to me. I do not find it as a hard class. I took a beginner French class this semester, with my new friends and excellent teacher, I enjoy my class four days a week.
Every day we learn the basic stuffs of French language. Which is kinda interesting for me, since everyday there are new things to learn. My classmate, same like me, is a newbie in the world of French, so we are relatively at the same level. One day, in a conversation section of my French class, one of my friend, Andy, asked me a really unthinkable question “you speak French in Indonesia, right?” 

Just the very seconds after the question asked, I ask him back, what? Hahahaha. I really have no idea why he asked such a question. But, I think that’s because he noticed that I fluently speak French’s Alphabets. Hahaha, come on man, it’s just an alphabets. That’s not because I have a super brilliant head, it’s just because I already learn the alphabets from my old French books. As a matter of fact, if you think about it, French and Indonesian’s alphabets have some similarity in term of pronunciation. 

But, someday, if someone ask me the same question again, I will simply answer “ I hope so”. 



  1. Your blog is really awesome. I really enjoyed while i am reading this post. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. French language is romance language and people can improve their language skill by taking various courses . We like french language, french culture etc.

  2. Hai, saya tertarik untuk ikut program Global UGRAD tahun ini, tapi ada beberapa hal yang kurang saya mengerti. Kalau kamu (enaknya manggil kamu apa ya? hehe) gak keberatan boleh minta FB atau e-mail? hehe saya mungin bakalk banyak nanya, tapi saya gak mungkin buka blogmu sering-sering hehe.


  3. Halo Maria,

    Panggil Alit saja.
    Ini alamat email saya w(dot)sudarsana(at)gmail(dot)com


  4. you are amazing....your French is very good...felicitations, je suis française et votre prononciation est excellente...j'apprends l'anglais americain, et je rencontre le meme genre de difficultés que vous.....hold on!

  5. Dear Christina,

    Thanks for your lovely comment.