How to restore my Windows MBR?

Since I never post any tutorial (especially Ubuntu tutorial) lately, today I came up with an idea to share my experience on restoring my Windows MBR and removing my grub. You can called it either tutorial or experience anyway :D.
So, I will straight to the point, for someone who wondering on how to restoring your Windows MBR (if u don’t know what Windows MBR mean, you can easily google it) for any reason, here the steps:

- First, you must boot from any windows installation cd/dvd (you can use xp, vista or 7 installation disk)
- After windows finished loading the setup file, press R (for Repair)
- After you pressed the R button, windows will ask which system you would like to repair (if you have more than one OS, type the OS number that you would like to repair [appeared on the screen] but if you just have one OS, just type 1)
- Then , type CD on your command prompt (your screen, lol)
- Then, type FIXBOOT C:
- Then, type FIXMBR
- Then, type BOOTCFG /rebuild
- Finally, type exit

Your computer/ laptop will reboot and hopely you got your Windows MBR back :D.
Happy restoring.


  1. I don't have Windows installation cd, can I use the original ISO image?

  2. Today, we can get original windows from microsoft after we pay for it.