How to reinstall Grub

Grub is a default boot loader in many linux distributions. I think it is important for a newbie, who have just migrate to ubuntu or other kind of linux, know how to reinstall their grub. Here I will explain you, how to reinstall your grub.

Grub is a very important part of linux, without it you are not be able to boot your box, so what will you do if you lost it?, here is the steps.

1.the first thing that you should do is to enter your live cd to your cdrom.
2.After succesfully log in into the box, now is the main step.
3.Open your terminal on Application>>Accessories>>Terminal
4.Then, type the following command.

# sudo grub

# find /boot/grub/stage1 ( it will show you a result like this “(hd0,0)” )

# root (hd0,0) ( IMPORTANT: the “hd0,0” is depend on what the result of the previous command)

# setup (hd0) (it will setup your new boot loader )

and the last type the following command

# quit

After that, just reboot your box, and you will find your new grub.


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