Deadline: 7 April, 2015

Ngaku anak Indonesia? Ngerti budaya dan memiliki rasa nasionalisme tinggi? Ayo buktikan semua itu dengan mengikuti Indonesian Culture and Nationalism 2015! Bagi peserta yang terpilih dan memiliki jiwa nasionalisme tinggi akan diundang dan ditanggung biaya akomodasi dan trasnportasinya!

 For more info dan pendaftaran, kliki disini ya: http://www.icn-id.com/joinus.html

Good luck!

Indonesian Culture and Nationalism 2015



Deadline: 27 Maret 2015

Punya ketertarikan tentang isu-isu global? Terutama dikawasan Asia Pasifik? Ini nih kesempatan kamu untuk bisa menjadi wakil Indonesia di Asia Pacific Week 2015 at The Australian National University. Baca persyaratannya dulu ya, kalo kamu ngga bisa inget kasi tau tetangga sebelah!

The Australian National University’s Asia Pacific Week is an interdisciplinary conference aimed at high-achieving students from around the world who have an interest in Asia and the Pacific. Now in its fifth year, Asia Pacific Week 2015 explores the theme ‘Roads Less Travelled.

Bringing together 100 of the best students from across the globe, the 2015 conference continues the tradition of bringing together scholars, policymakers and senior officials of the highest calibre for a week of stimulating discussion and debate. As a delegate you will have the opportunity to not only hear from peak experts, but to engage in interactive panels, debates and simulations. The next generation of Asia-Pacific specialists leave with a network of friends and contacts from across the globe.
If you are interested in attending Asia Pacific Week 2015, please fill out an expression of interest form. Applications open 2 March and close 27 March 2015.

Untuk info lebih lanjut dan registrasi, kunjungi ini!  http://asiapacificweek.anu.edu.au/

Asia Pacific Week 2015 at The Australian National University


Deadline: 21 Maret 2015

Saatnya jadi pemudi/a yang lebih tau tentang ASEAN, apalagi kita akan segera memasuki era ekonomi baru di salah satu regional organization terbesar di dunia ini. Gratis lagi sekalian jalan jalan ke Vietnam, ayo jadi wakil Indonesia di SEALnet Youth Leadership Summit 2015 in Vietnam.

SEALNet is inviting youth leaders passionate about Southeast Asia and its social development to partake in its first ever leadership summit. The summit aims to connect like-minded and like-hearted peers. This 10-day long service leadership summit is intended to create a platform for you to interact with your counterparts from across the South-east Asian region and to build a strong network of youth service leaders through this shared experience. Not only will you engage with and learn from fellow participants, but you will also discover more about yourself and grow as a leader under the guidance of experienced SEALNet mentors and alumni from around the region.

Untuk info lebih lengkap dan registrasi, kunjungi ini ya!  http://www.sealnetonline.org/current-projects/yls15/

SEALnet Youth Leadership Summit 2015 in Vietnam



Seneng jeprat-jepret? Seneng Selfie? Sekalian sibuk foto-foto diri, tidak ada salahnya ikut kompeitisi foto yang satu ini! Lumayan nanti hasilnya bisa dipajang di Paris dan tentunya juga ada hadiahnya! Ayo buruan show us your photo skills! Join  Henri Cartier-Bresson Photography Award 2015!

Presented by the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, the HCB Award is a prize to stimulate a photographer’s creativity by offering the opportunity to carry out a project that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. It is intended for a photographer who have already completed a significant body of work, a talented photographer in the emerging phase of his or her career, with an approach close to that of documentary. Eighteen months after the reception of the prize, the winner will have an exhibition of his work at the Fondation HCB in Paris and a catalogue will be published.

Info lebih lanjut dan untuk registrasi klik disini ya! http://www.henricartierbresson.org/en/hcb-prize/prize/

Henri Cartier-Bresson Photography Award 2015!


Ngga ada ide buat ngabisin musim panasnya? Pengen summer school di Jerman? Hmm.. ini kesempatan buat kamu, ayo apply dan jadilah wakil Indonesia dan almamatermu dalam Youth Time Summer School in Germany! Program ini ada beasiswanya juga lho! Ayo daftar!
Soci­eties today are fac­ing processes of social dis­in­te­gra­tion and increased uncer­tainty. Alarm­ing cases of con­flict esca­la­tions, social detra­di­tion­al­iza­tion and atom­iza­tion, weak­en­ing value foun­da­tions and prop­a­gat­ing stereo­types threaten dif­fer­ent soci­eties.

Par­tic­i­pants will have an oppor­tu­nity to improve their skills related to build­ing col­lec­tive forms of think­ing and activ­ity. Young lead­ers from dif­fer­ent coun­tries selected to join the event will study key approaches to pub­lic and people-to-people diplo­macy, con­flict res­o­lu­tion, risk man­age­ment and break­ing stereotypes.

This year, Sum­mer School topic is “Cri­sis and soci­ety: issues of man­age­ment”. The Sum­mer School will be held in Ham­burg, Ger­many, 18th-22th June, 2015.

Untuk info lebih lengkap dan registrasi klik disini ya! http://www.youth-time.org/summer-school

Youth Time Summer School in Germany


Suka nulis? Butuh uang tambahan dan ingin kompetisi internasional? Daripada sibuk nulis status update dan surat cinta mulu kan, mending ikut essay contest aja! Ayo jadi wakil Indonesia di Goi Peace Foundation/Unesco International ‪#‎Essay‬ Competition 2015!

UNESCO’s objective is to help empower young people and ensure that their contributions are taken into account. This annual essay contest is organized in an effort to harness the energy, imagination and initiative of the world’s youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development. It also aims to inspire society to learn from the young minds and to think about how each of us can make a difference in the world. Marking the 70th anniversary of UNESCO, the theme of this year’s contest is “Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds.”

“Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds”
UNESCO was created 70 years ago to build peace in the minds of men and women as a way to attain lasting peace in the world. What does it mean to build peace in our hearts and minds? How does it relate to the world around us? Please illustrate your ideas with your personal experience.

Info lebih lengkap dan ketentuan lainnya, lihat disini ya! http://www.goipeace-essaycontest.org

Unesco International ‪Essay‬ Competition 2015!

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