What Do You Know about Moot Court Competitions?

Moot court or pseudo court is a place where our students can study the practical aspect of law, especially with regard to the practice of the process of a trial. More importantly, students will also learn about how to present a case before the court, not only reading it from textbook.  As the name implies, moot court is a simulation of a real trial process.
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Why Do We Need to Know about International Law?

Living in a globalized world that is constantly evolving is clearly not that simple, at least you will need to know how things work nowadays. With technology and social media, the effort to connect ourselves among fellow citizens of the world is getting easier. This makes a proverb which says that the world is getting narrower with boundaries fading away as a new reality.

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Pentingnya Penguasaan Hukum Internasional dalam Mengikuti Moot Court Interrnasional

Hidup di tengah globalisasi yang terus menerus berkembang jelas membutuhkan pemahaman yang tidak sedikit. Dengan teknologi dan sosial media yang terus berkembang membuat usaha untuk menghubungkan diri antar sesama warga dunia terasa semakin mudah. Hal ini membuat sebuah peribahasa yang mengatakan bahwa dunia semakin sempit dengan batas-batasnya yang semakin pudar seakan menjadi sebuah kenyataan baru.

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What is so cool about Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition?

For most of Indonesian law students, moot court is not something that is unfamiliar. This is because there has been a lot of moot court competition held in Indonesia. At the very least there are more than five moot court competitions in Indonesia. Most of those competitions are organized by Moot Court Community Association of Indonesia (Himpunan Komunitas Peradilan Semua Indonesia - HKPSI). The same goes to Udayana University which also organizes its own moot court competition. The competition is named after the former dean Faculty of Law Udayana University Tjokorda Raka Derana. It is held every two years and has been held twice.

Udayana University Delagations to the 2014 International Round of Jessup (Washington D.C., USA)

Apa yang Menarik dari Kompetisi Peradilan Semu Philip C. Jessup?

Bagi sebagain mahasiswa fakultas hukum di Indonesia kata peradilan semu sudah tidak asing lagi. Hal ini tidak terlepas dari mulai banyaknya diselenggarakan kompetisi peradilan semu di Indonesia. Tercatat terdapat lebih dari lima kompetisi peradilan semu di Indonesia. Sebagian besar diselenggarakan oleh universitas yang tergabung di dalam Himpunan Komunitas Peradilan Semu Indonesia (HKPSI). Tidak mau ketinggalan, Universitas Udayana pun menyelenggarakan kompetisi peradilan semunya sendiri. Kompetisi yang dinamai dengan nama Kompetisi Peradilan Semu Piala Tjokorda Raka Derana ini diselenggarakan setiap dua tahun sekali dan sudah diselenggarakan sebanyak dua kali.

KakangWeb at Jessup 2014 International Round (Washington D.C., USA)

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