Bali as we see it!

We want you to see it as we see it, without photo editing. Enjoy!
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EOS 600D - EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 II IS

Sudah tidak zamannya lagi mendengarkan lagu bajakan, gunakan ini!

Hi kawan-kawan musikers, apa kabar semua ?
Kali ini Kakang ingin berbagi bagaimana caranya untuk menghentikan kebiasaan mendengarkan ataupun mendownload lagu bajakan melalui internet. Dengan kemajuan teknologi yang semakin pesat, akhirnya manusia dapat menemukan jalan tengah untuk menghentikan perdebatan masalah lagu bajakan dan tentu saja hak cipta dari lagu tersebut. Namun, seperti biasanya, setelah menemukan jalan tengah, masalah selanjutnya adalah bagaimana mensosialisakan dan mengubah kebiasaan yang ada di tengah-tengah masyarakat.

Comment faire un CV ou un résumé en français?

Je crois qu'il est vraiment important de savoir comment faire un CV, surtout lorsque vous souhaitez postuler pour un emploi ou une bourse. Donc, voici un exemple simple d'un cv en français.

The Roma Expulsion/Deportation Policy in France

There is no doubt that France is one of the most diverse nations in the world. This diversity has been an interesting topic to talk about even for the French people themselves. Talking about diversity and immigration, we also need to talk about immigration, because immigration has been one of the biggest factors that brings diversity to French’s society. There is a really good saying in French, “le monde sans frontières” which means “the world without borders”. This is to show how supportive the French societies are to the idea of multiculturalism and diversity. 

Learn Bahasa Indonesia w/ -- Advance Dialogue --

Learn Bahasa Indonesia w/ -- Advance Dialogue --

Film Review : L’Auberge Espagnole

As an international student at the U. I feel that this film, to a certain extent, represent my life. 

For Xavier, living in a different country with a different culture, language and food are challenging as well fascinating. As a French student who had a really hard time finding job at home, he then decided to do an exchange program through the Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Spain. He thought that by studying in Spain he could improve his Spanish and ultimately fulfill the prerequisite to get a better job in the French government. 
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